The Road to here.

13 Incarnations on Earth.

  1. First incarnation on the earth plane was 12,000 years ago in the land that is today called Wales in the UK .  I served the tribe of people or community as a shamanka, which was as a healer, diviner and protector .

  2. There was a long break before the next incarnations. The Ani 3010.

  3. Five incarnations in Ancient Egypt. I worked in the service of the pharaohs as priest and high priest. In Egypt I developed the first mental prescriptions. In my last Egyptian lifetime I left Egypt and went to live in Greece to become an initiate in the Eleusinian cult.

  4. Two incarnations in Greece. In the second life I joined Alexander’s army as a priest healer and remote communicator. I never knew Alexander personally but I did witness some of his life and death. I will discuss what I learnt and Northern India wanderings.

  5. I returned to Persia after Alexander’s death.

  6. At least one incarnation in Persia and mainly life in Persopolis. But there was also another incarnation which is vague. I don’t recall if Persian who travelled around or if I had been born in another country.  One of the places I went to visit was what is today most probably Afghanistan. I may have been the son of a prince or nobleman and I was called upon to witness some oppression against women and to report to some officials.

  7. One incarnation in Turkey as a woman. I witnessed the invasion of knights on horses and they had red crosses on their gowns. In this life as a woman householder, my marriage, and being the mother of two children. I was also a disciple of a Sufi master/ teacher. I was killed in the street by a knight with a s word.

  8. One incarnation in India and witnessed the struggle of a nation against the colonizers. I disliked Ghandi and saw him as an enemy of India.

  9. One incarnation in Australia. Important events in early life, spiritual experiences and an English guru. On a visit to Greece where I met with King Leonidas transcending time! My education. Early indicators of my mission.

Australia and the fight for Justice.

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